• I Make

    Literary & Visual Art

    because art connects us

  • I Make

    Poetry as Public Art

    because poems enrich spaces

    Nashville Sounds Stadium, Poem on Walkway

    A poem commissioned by Strategic Hospitality, Oz Arts, & the Nashville Sounds for the "Country Club at the Band Box" placemaking project.

    Poetry Vending Machines

    A way to publish poems in unexpected places, providing marketing or communication opportunities for restaurants, weddings, airports,

    hospitals, etc.

    30x30x30 Project

    30 poems in 30 days exploring the creative process and public

    engagement connecting poetry and visual art.

  • I Make

    Social Practice Art Experiences

    because art brings people together

    A collaborative 10,000sq ft sensory poem installation. 1 poem + an architect, aromatherapist, chef, musicians, and visual artists = literature you can touch, taste, smell, see, and walk through.

    A brunch reading series, seven years running, built on the belief that good people, good food, and intentional art in the right setting grows an engaged, inspired, and empowered community

  • I love words. Their texture. The sounds. The ideas they can conjure and connect.

    I want to read and write poems that break and build me,

    poems that make me want to lick the page.


    Read & Write Poems

    Enjoy a FREE ebook of poems and creative writing exercises by Stephanie Pruitt. This downloadable chapbook will be emailed to you immediately.


    (Why? Because I want my poems to live in the world. As an ARTrepreneur, I'm finding more sustainable ways to make a life and living with my art. Large-scale poetry commissions, curating arts events, and sponsorships/creative collaborations pay my bills. So here's my gift to you.)


    BIO & Media Kit

    the short, long, silly, etc.

    My Story

    why I make what I make

    There was a little girl whose mother took her to the library every week. It was her one place without any limits – any book, any subject, as many as she could carry. (Click to read more....)

  • What's In It For You?

    I write and make art because it's part of who I am. The majority of my creative work is a self-directed, personal exploration.


    ...however, I selectively publish and promote art

    hoping it moves us towards the best of who we can be.

    Connect with your target market

    Sponsor a social practice arts experience such as Poems & Pancakes or one of my other events in the works. I make awesome things happen and your business wants to align itself with positive, creative impact. For real. And I'm great at delivering quantifiable value.

    Find the missing piece to your puzzle

    Collaborate with me and solve a problem or mine an opportunity you're working on. Whether it's consulting, curating a special event, or launching a campaign, I create unique arts-rich solutions to alllll sorts of personal, business, social, and educational situations.


    Commemorate a special person, place, or event

    Commission a poem from me and capture the nuance of a moment. I'm extremely selective about the few (no more than 2 a year) commissions I accept, but if it's a good fit, you'll have a work of literary fine art that will be treasured.

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    Let's talk about what literary and social practice art can do for you.

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    I'm making the art + business connection for creatives.